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    Installment Agreement

    Tax Network USA’s Enrolled Agents and Tax Attorneys are experts in the Fresh Start Initiative programs with both the IRS and State Taxing Authorities. We will negotiate the minimum amount required by law; at rates you can afford.

    Installment Agreement

    There are several Installment Agreements available with the IRS such as Fresh Start Initiative, Streamlined Installment Plan and Partial Payment Installment Agreement. It is important to know your rights and all the terms. For best results, it is recommended to have an Enrolled Agent or Tax Attorney petition the Installment Agreement on your behalf.

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    In one phone call, you can get all your IRS or State Installment Agreement questions answered by a licensed tax professional:

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    • “How long does the Installment Agreement process take?”
    • “What are the exact terms of the Fresh Start Initiative programs?”

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    IRS Fresh Start Program Qualifications

    The IRS Fresh Start tax initiative is generous and inclusive. However, there are some basic requirements to know about. Here’s what it takes to qualify:

    • Self-employed individuals must prove a drop of 25 percent in net income.


    • Joint filers can’t earn more than $200,000 annually.


    • Single filers can’t earn more than $100,000 annually.


    • Your tax balance must fall under $50,000 before the year’s end.

    The underlying requirement is that you must apply for the option you think is appropriate for your situation. The IRS won’t automatically apply the Fresh Start program to your tax debt just because you qualify. The IRS charges interest on tax, penalties, and interest until the balance is paid in full, so it’s crucial to apply or get help as soon as you can.

    Why Would the IRS Reject My New Installment Agreement Request?

    The IRS can reject your Installment Agreement request for the following reasons:

    • Collection Information was inaccurate or incomplete
    • You previously defaulted on an IA
    • You failed to file current tax returns
    • Your necessary living expenses on Form 433 are unreasonable
    What Is the Deadline to Appeal an Installment Agreement Rejection?

    Normally you have 30 days (postmarked) from the date of your rejection to submit a new Installment Agreement request.

    Do I Have to File All Missing Tax Returns First Before Requesting an Installment Agreement?

    Yes, you must file all required returns or extensions (IRS considers you compliant).

    If you have outstanding paperwork, you will not qualify for an Installment Agreement. Before applying, Tax Network USA will make sure that you have filed all requested tax returns and extensions with the IRS.

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